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UCA Monthly Online Information Sessions for Members 2020

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Unschooling Live Web-Gatherings and Presentations with Q and A

Third Wednesdays of Every Month, 7:00 pm (Alberta, Mountain Time) 9:00 pm (Toronto, Easter Time)

January - Unschooling 101

February - How Math, Science and STEM is Learned

March - Research and Handling Family Resistance

April - The Good News Science of Screen Time

May - Unschooling 101

June - How Reading and Writing is Learned

July - Accessing Post-secondary Admittance

Aug - How Brain Development Stages Fit with Learning Stages

September - Unschooling 101

October - Myths and Realities

November - Learning Science, Social, Geography, Music and Languages Without Curriculum

December - Provincial Responsibilities, Rights, Research, Regulations and Assessment

In these webinars, we will discuss the definition of unschooling and how many families go about it. Regulations will be based on Canadian education requirements. We will have a segment of time dedicated to attendees questions. No one is on camera and names are anonymous. We will just hear your voice.

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UCA Annual Conference Recordings for Purchase

First Conference includes 8 Recordings @$40.00 including Clark Aldrich, Sandra Dodd, Judy Arnall, Linda Clement, Peter Gray, Pam Laricchia, and Carlo Ricci.

Second Conference includes 5 Recordings @$25.00 including Pat Farenga, Pam Laricchia, Judy Arnall, Linda Clement, and Carlo Ricci.

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Unschooling Websites (In alphabetical order)

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Attachment Parenting Canada's Home Education

Judy Arnall's Blog "Unschooling To University"

Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko's Blog "Radio Free School"

Jan Hunt's Website "The Natural Child Project"

Pam Laricchia's Blog "Living Joyfully"

Wendy Priesnitz' Blog "Life Learning"

Carlo Ricci's Blog "Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning"

Unschooling Facebook Groups Canada

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Homeschool PEI

Homeschool PEI

Unschooling STEM - Worldwide

Private Counselors Offering Homeschooling/Unschooling Support

Home Learning Connections - Elizabeth Surridge

Natural Capacity Counseling - Donna Vanderlip


Operi (Ottawa Public Education Remake Initiative) An advocacy group bringing about change in public education

Alliance of Self-Directed Education: An advocacy and clearinghouse of self-directed education resources.