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UCA Unschooling Info Session Thursday November 23, 2023, 6 PM MST 8 PM EST

Come join us for a quick overview of "Unschooling" in Canada and an extensive "learner-centred" Q and A session over zoom!

Unschooling is where children direct their learning and curiosity becomes the curriculum. No motivation problems ever! Parents and children love learning when it is consensual and personalized.

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Parenting Tips Webinar: Sibling Rivalry Remedies

Thursday May 18, 2023, 7 PM MDT, 9 PM EDT No Fee, Zoom Presentation

Sibling Rivalry Remedies

Discover when children learn self-control and begin listening. Learn 3 easy steps to remain calm and help our children get calm through times of chaos and conflict. Q and A

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Home Learning Connections - Elizabeth Surridge

Professional Parenting and Education Consulting - Judy Arnall

We Learn Naturally - Erin Fleming

Capturing The Charmed Life - Teresa Wiedrick

Honey, I'm Homeschooling the Kids - Robyn Robertson

Demystifying Education - Golda David

Freeschoolin' - Wendy Hart

Radio Free School - Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko

The Natural Child Project - Jan Hunt

Living Joyfully - Pam Laricchia

Life Learning - Wendy Priesnitz

Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning - Carlo Ricci

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Operi (Ottawa Public Education Remake Initiative) An advocacy group bringing about change in public education

Alliance of Self-Directed Education: An advocacy and clearinghouse of self-directed education resources.

Unschooling School, is a concept of using the school system that we pay for in an unschooling way to meet our children's unique needs. School that fits the learner, not the learner has to fit the school.