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Why Become a Member of Unschooling Canada Association?

  • We need you. When people join an organization, their numbers speak when government policy is considered. In order for us to have our educational choices recognized and protected, we need to let people know that we are not a handful, but thousands.

  • We can provide a central space for up-to-date research and articles. Please contribute and we will post them here. We also welcome your photos.

  • Education is location specific. We cater to a uniquely Canadian experience.

  • We are a non-profit board volunteering to serve you. This organization will live on to represent future unschoolers, long after we have launched our families.

  • We are inclusive and welcome everyone. The degree or definition of unschooling is self-determined.

  • Members will be provided with additional features such as a certificate, access to conference recordings and much more.

Membership is only $11 per year. Make your voice count! Please note that you can cancel auto-renew and it doesn't cancel your payment today.

No longer want to be a member? Cancel here. Please note that due to the administration cost, we can't issue refunds, but appreciate your donation

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We are a grassroots organization not supported by any interests. We welcome your donation to keep this site free from advertising.