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Fraser Institute Report Released on Canadian Homeschooling 2015

Fraser Institute Report Executive Summary

Frasier Institute Report, 2007, "Homeschooling: From the Extreme to the Mainstream"

Gray and Riley, 2013 Online Blog Survey of 75 Grown Unschoolers

Gray and Riley, 2011 Online Blog Survey of 232 Current Unschooling Parents

Martin-Chang, 2011 Concordia University Study, Testing on 12 Unschoolers. (See Videos for in-depth analysis of the study)

The Arnall Study of 30 unschooled kids that were accepted to university and colleges is documented in the book, Unschooling To University, published in 2018

Summerhill School, UK, established since 1921

Sudbury Valley Schools, Worldwide, established since 1968

2015 Statistics Canada Study - Private School Students do Better Than Public, Because of Parent Involvement, Rather than Teaching Style or Classroom Resources

2005 - UK Research Supports Homeschooling Better than school for Non-affluent Families

Unschooling In The News - Canada

Global News Clip on Unschooling - August 2020

QR77 Andrew Shultz and Sue Deyel "Unschooling" Podcast

QR77 Angela Kokott "Unschooling" Podcast

CTV News Clip on Unschooling in Alberta

Tips for Managing Screen Time November 2019

Judy Arnall speaks on Unschooling at Motivational Mondays

BT TV "Unschooling" September 2018

CTV TV "Unschooling" September 2018

City TV "How to Unschool" September 2010

CTV TV "What is Unschooling? Part 1" 2011

CTV TV "What is Unschooling? Part 2" 2011

2020 PDF MacLean's Scott Gilmore's article on Benefits of Video Gaming

The Globe and Mail Article on Unschooling Sept 2018

2018 Article from Barrie, Ontario

2020 Todays Parent Magazine "5 Ways Unschooling Promotes Creativity"

2019 Todays Parent Magazine "11 Academic Benefits of Unschooling"

2019 Todays Parent Magazine "Nurturing Curiosity With Unschooling"

2018 PDF The Globe and Mail "Unschooled Kids Learn What They Want"

2016 PDF The Globe and Mail "Homeschooling Parents Fear an Erosion of Rights"

2016 Calgary Journal "Schools Out Forever"

2016 PDF Calgary Journal "Schools Out Forever"

2016 "9 Elephants in the Classroom that Should Unsettle Us"

2015 "How Homeschooling Breeds Broader Minds"

2015 The Star "Why One Family Practices Unschooling"

2014 Smithsonian Magazine "Unschooled Kids do Just Fine in College"

2014 The Globe and Mail "Unschooling is a Luxury for the Wealthy"

2014 Montreal Gazette "No Marks, No Classes, No School"

2011 Canadian Family Magazine "Forget Homeschooling; They'll Figure it Out Themselves"

2011 Macleans Magazine "Unschooling has its Appeal, but can it Work"

2011 National Post "The Politics of Unschooling"

2010 Globe and Mail "Schools out Forever"

2010 PDF The Globe and Mail "Schools out Forever"

2010 PDF Calgary Herald/Windsor Star "Can Kids Teach Themselves?

Articles in the News - World

Unschooling is Almost Like a Religion, by The New York Times

Could Unschooling be Right for your Child?, by The Irish Times

What is Unschooling? The Child-Led Model of Education Growing in Popularity, by Global News

5 Reasons why Homeschooling is the Best Way to Teach Kids, by Business Insider

Unschooling in South Africa - 2018

Unschooling in India

2017 Australia "15 percent of homeschoolers unschool in Australia"

Unschooling in Australia

Excellent Article on How Secular and Unschooling Homeschooling is Growing

2017 USA "Elon Musk Unschools His Children

2017 USA Business Insider "Homeschooling Loses it's Stigma; Growing Worldwide

2017 England - This UK Family Learns by Playing Video Games

2017 Australia, The Victoria Age "Unschooler Builds 3d Printer" - Melbourne Australia

2017 NSW Australia "Separated Mother Wins Landmark Ruling to Keep Homeschooling"

Take the Post-Secondary Unschooler Survey - Help us gather data

Do you live in Canada and have adult unschoolers or are an adult-aged unschooler? Please take our simple 5 question survey.

Unschooling and Post-secondary Admissions Survey

View the Unschooling and Post-secondary Admissions Survey Results

Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson, speaker of the most watched TEDTalk, "Schools Kill Creativity," speaks in Calgary

Dale's Cone of Learning

Tip Sheets on Unschooling

Why Would I Consider Home Education?

Home Education Myths

10 Worries of New Home Educators

8 Parenting and Education Myths Not Backed by Research

HS Advantages and Disadvantages

Does Your Parenting Style Match Your Homeschooling Style?

How Does an Unschooler change a Light Bulb? A Day in the Life of an Unschooler

Tips for Applying to Colleges, Universities and Tech Schools

Setting Up Your Home for Success

Ten Things to Know About Unschooling

What about Socialization?

Is Minecraft Educational?

Video Game Benefits

Unschooling and STEM Careers

Homeschooling Glossary of Terms

Why you should take your children out of public school, by Brent Kreuger

Ways to Learn Math Without a Workbook

The Back-to-School Schedule When You Unschool

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